Goats for Sale

VRV Una 50% Boer 50% Kiko - Sold. Thank you, Hillary.

Una is the best BoKi we produced in 2015.  She gave us a wether and a doeling last summer and has taken excellent care of them.  The wether is participating in the Spokane youth market show this May.

VRV Rosa 50% Boer 50% Kiko - Sold. Thank you, Robert

Rosa is the twin sister to Una.  She was a bottle baby and super friendly.  She is the most easy to work with goat that we have.  Rosa produced very nice twin bucklings for us this year.  They are going to go to 4H market shows and hopefully will do very well.

SKG Pandora NKR Purebred Kiko - Sold. Thank you, Walt and Geneva.

Pandora was born 03/29/13.  She is a great Purebred Kiko out of Lookout Point genetics.  She has kidded twins the last 3 years for us.  We are selling her because we only keep 8 total goats on our farm and no longer have room.  We cannot keep them all.

VRV Gwendolen 50% Boer 50% Kiko Doeling - Sold. Thank you, Walt and Geneva.

Gwendolen was born 1/9/2017.  Her and her sister are very cute BoKi goats and will make great fast growing worm resistant kids for you.

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