Layed Back Boers O.B.H. Carly ABGA 100% Fullblood Boer

Carly is our best doe.  She is an excellent mother and very large framed show correct fullblood boer.  She kidded triplets this year her first time on her own during the fireworks of new years.

Blue Fields Ember ABGA 100% Fullblood Boer

Ember is a Tank!  She really is a huge doe that we have very high hopes for.  She is dehorned and we plan to keep her around for a very long time.  She is due to kid for the first time this spring and we are very excited to see what kind of big kids we get from her.

Summitview Punch Line 100% Full Blood Boer

Punch Line is very pretty black caped Fullblood Boer Doe.  She has produced a lot of great kids for us with a variety of cool colors.

VRV Una 50% Boer 50% Kiko

Una is the best BoKi we produced in 2015.  She gave us a wether and a doeling last summer and has taken excellent care of them.  The wether is participating in the Spokane youth market show this May.

VRV Rosa 50% Boer 50% Kiko

Rosa is the twin sister to Una.  She was a bottle baby and super friendly.  She is the most easy to work with goat that we have.  Rosa produced very nice twin bucklings for us this year.  They are going to go to 4H market shows and hopefully will do very well.

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